Sunday, February 22, 2009

something terrible happened

Hi everybody
Well, today I don't have an image to post since all the files for the clock shop have been erased from my little flash drive and computer. Everything started yesterday morning when I tried to finish my stationery. I plugged my usb drive and opened one of the files, then suddenly a message came up saying that the file could not be found because its location was missing. Turns out the wiring in the flash drive got disconnected and damaged all the original files from not only my computer, but the actual external drive. So, I'm redoing the entire project from the beginning, luckily for me, I still have the images of my blog as a reference.

My advice to everyone is to backup your files in more than one location


  1. Dang! I am sorry to hear this Merielen. :( Stay strong in your reconstruction. You can do it!

  2. Thanks, it's coming out even better, I think. In fact, I'm finishing the logo, and had the chance to change what I got attached to in the first version.

  3. Yeah, I was gonna say it could be a blessing in disguise. You might find the work comes out quicker and better now.

    Didn't we have a conversation in the digital aquarium last semester about selecting 'eject drive' before you pull out the flash drive? Was that you? I remember telling someone they should always do that first, but they said they didn't care and just pulled it out each time... I've just always wondered about that because I've never actually heard of stuff being erased from not ejecting first.

    So wait, did you lose EVERYTHING from both semesters!? I really hope not!! Good luck with everything.

  4. Good luck! That is so unfortunate! I know that you can do it though!!

  5. oh my god! well don't worry everything happens for a reason. Just keep focused and re-do your designs as best you can! They may even come out better than your first designs. I wish you the best!