Sunday, January 11, 2009


After driving around Lawrenceville for a couple of hours, I found more than 3 clients. The problem is I can't decide which one is the best option or which one has the most "elasticity". Well, it's very interesting that the ones that I'm leaning for are the ones that looked like they've been on business for decades. So, here are the top 3 clients:

1) Classy-finds: I believe this one could be very fun to do for many reasons including the fact that the name of the business was chosen to mimic the word classifieds. Another cool thing that makes them unique is that they carry a variety of items (from formal wear to hardware) but most things look like antiques, which gives me an idea of what their target audience is. As I was talking to the owner, I noticed that they really wanted to have a better visual concept for their business, which could be an advantage and motivation during the creation process.

2) The Old Times Clock Shop: this one is one of the most interesting ones because of what it is. I mean, how often do you see an antique clock repair shop? It is a very small store, and to my opinion they are in desperate need for redesign. I didn't have the chance to talk to the owner, but I feel like it has a lot of potential.

3) M&M Beauty Salon: I like this one because it has a lot of flavor. The owners are from Dominican Republic so it's the entire environment. The place is very colorful but their business card and logo lacked style. Both owners made very clear that the selling feature was their nationality, so, part of my design needs to revolve around that...

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